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Every one loves Miso but how do you make it? Easy, buy the miso paste and get with it.

Miso paste from your local supermarket
Noodles of your choice
Baked Tofu
Seaweed strips (Nori; what you roll sushi rolls in) or fresh seaweed / kelp from a packet

Ok, might sound a bit crazy but you can supplement any of the above ingrediants with what ever you prefer, eg. tofu to chickem or prawns, seaweed to zuchini etc…
Fill and start heating a pot with as much water as you would like to have soup. Once it starts to get a bit of steam coming off, pour 300mls (a coke can) into another bowl. To this bowl add a large, desert spoon of Miso paste. Note don't boil miso paste, it splits and goes bitter, that's why you have poured a little of the water off into another bowl.
Be carefull to mix the misopaste well with the warm water using a fork, whisk or chopsticks.
Add your baked tofu and noodles to the pot that is now boiling and let the noodles cook as long as is suggested on the packet. Turn the heat off, add the seaweed and stir. Wait till the soup cools down a little and add the miso you mixed in the bowl. Now tate the soup, if you like add some soy or mirin or fish sauce and Voila you've got miso in under 10 minutes. Takashi N. Sandiego


Taste ★★★★ 

Price ★★★★.5

Ease ★★★★


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Freshy Fried Tofu


2 blocks of Tofu (the type that is stored in water)
Sesame oil (1tbsp) and sesame seeds (1 palmful)
Soy sauce (1tbsp)
Pepper and salt
Spring/Green onion-1 handful

This is very easy, tasty and economical Japanese dish. Fry sesame oil and seeds. Add tofu, and break down tofu to bite size. Add soy sauce and spring onion. Fry until spring onion softens and tofu gets a little colour. Taste if you want to add salt or more soy or sesame oil.
There are a number of different types of tofu. My advice is that soft tofu is better because it is easy to break up in the pan but you can enjoy firm tofu too. Have fun!!


Taste ★★

Price ★★★★★

Ease ★★★★★

April 14, 2006 Posted by | Japanese | 2 Comments