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Freshy Fried Tofu


2 blocks of Tofu (the type that is stored in water)
Sesame oil (1tbsp) and sesame seeds (1 palmful)
Soy sauce (1tbsp)
Pepper and salt
Spring/Green onion-1 handful

This is very easy, tasty and economical Japanese dish. Fry sesame oil and seeds. Add tofu, and break down tofu to bite size. Add soy sauce and spring onion. Fry until spring onion softens and tofu gets a little colour. Taste if you want to add salt or more soy or sesame oil.
There are a number of different types of tofu. My advice is that soft tofu is better because it is easy to break up in the pan but you can enjoy firm tofu too. Have fun!!


Taste ★★

Price ★★★★★

Ease ★★★★★


April 14, 2006 - Posted by | Japanese


  1. Wow, it looks like so easy recipe.
    I love tofu, so this will be my favorite receipe.
    Do you guys have other tofu recipes?

    Comment by Brad | April 14, 2006

  2. Thanks for your feedback Brad!
    we’re currently gathering huge amounts of recipes from all over. tofu recipes would definitly be included of course. if you’d like i can wip up something just for ya. just tell me your combinations of foods you’d like to see with tofu and i can probably give you a cheap, simple, and awesomely delicious recipe to try.

    Comment by Harry | April 14, 2006

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