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Roast Pork and Tofu



2 Blocks of Hard Tofu (The ones that are stored in water. You can also find these packaged in a plastic box. Make sure you get something that says hard tofu or equivalent)

3 ribs of Roast Pork (You can find this at your nearest Chinatown)

Gau Choy (Also found in Chinatown)

2 Clovers of garlic

Ginger (Small chunk the length of a quarter and the width of a dim)

Olive Oil

Soy Sauce

Corn Starch




First you have to clean your Gau Choy. These usually come in a bunch so just chop off the tops about one inch and throw all that away, being extra careful that they stay bulked up. Now just run the knife about 2 inches down and keep cutting them until you get a whole bunch of strips about 2 inches long. Then just give it a good wash to get all the dirt off. Now start your pan. While the temperature rises, take your tofu and make small cubes roughly one inch all around. And take the ribs of roast pork out and cut them to the same size. Put them aside separately in a bowl or a plate. Now just dash in a bit of olive oil onto the pan, to be exact it comes to about four teaspoons. Add a teaspoon of salt and town in the Gau Choy. Mix it and just let it sizzle. It’s ready when you can smell it. Take all that out of your pan. Leave the temperature going and take the Garlic and Ginger hit them with like something hard so that they get pan caked. Go back to the blazing hot pan and once again dash in some Olive Oil. This time throw in the ginger, garlic, and a teaspoon of salt. Just let it sizzle for a while to get the flavor going. Now throw in your tofu and just mix it around. Leave it alone for the time being. Take a small bowl. Throw in 2 teaspoons of corn starch and 4 teaspoons of soy sauce. And fill in about a quarter cup of water. Make sure to stir this well. It’s ready when you can freely move your stirring device around as if the liquid was water. Back to the pan now. Throw in the Roast Pork and Gau Choy you’ve chopped up and laid aside all this time. Toss this around. Now there should be very little liquids in the pan. This is caused by the tofu, ignore it. Cover the pan for just 1 minute. Do not go over; if you’re unsure just take off the lid. Less is better. Now open up and create a small hole in the center of the pan and throw in that liquid that you’ve just made. Make sure you stir once more when that lid is closed before adding. Once again this is important. Drop it in that hole and wait for the liquid to boil. When it does turn the heat off and stir around. Now just eat this sucker up!

This thing is fantastic and was originally created by my Dad because he loves tofu but can’t stand meals without meats.



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