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Ice Cream Spectacular

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This is one of my favorite dessert recipes because it’s quick, easy, and best of all, DELICIOUS!!!  I was bored one night, and I decided to kick my boring ice cream up a notch.  This is GREAT!!!


  • Ice cream (any flavor of your choice)
  • Waffles (I prefer Eggo’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch but any type of waffle will do)

All you got to do is pop in the waffles into the toaster.  Once you’re done with that start scooping away.  The final step is digging in!  This receipe is as simple as it gets!


Taste ★★★★★

Price ★★★★★

Ease ★★★★★


May 26, 2006 Posted by | CollegEATs, Sweets | 4 Comments